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Family Boat Building Week is July 13-20, 2003

For more information about activities going on in the Twin Cities for this event, call C. Calvin Belton at (763) 536-9424.
Or, visit the Web site indicated from the directory of links below.

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About This Site

Following several requests for photos, plans, etc. for my newly constructed vessel, I have decided to simply set up a basic Web site dedicated to boat building.

That said, I should first state that I am not a professional boat builder. Herb McLeod's One Sheet Skiff (link found in my descripttion of the OSS experience), is the first watercraft I have assembled. As a beginner, I am including some tips that other first-time and novice builders might find helpful based on the experience.

To be sure, this project has created in me a deep interest in the design, construction and operation of boats. Therefore, I have spent considerable time on the Web looking for articles on the subject and equipment suppliers. Hopefully my surfing for relavent content will help save you some time, giving you more hours to build or get out an float on your favorite pond.

Please note that I do not endorse these sites, authors, suppliers, etc. and I can't be held responsible for any loss of time, damage to property, injury (or worse) that may occur from your use of this information. Take your time building, and use your tools safely. Use common sense--don't forget to wear your personal floatation device and keep an eye on the weather and water when you operate any watercraft.

My e-mail address is at the bottom of this page. Feel free to contact me with questions or suggested resources for this site. And, you can drop me a line if you would like me to perdiodically notify you about site updates or if you have a project photo you would like to share.

Thanks for stopping, and happy boating!

My Experience Building the One Sheet Skiff

Will you build one too?
Check out these photos of the project, along with my personal building tips and a link to Herb McLeod's site, complete with plans for the One-Sheet Skiff (OSS).

Reference Links for Boat Builders and Boaters

Boat Building and Marine Terminology
Why not start from the beginning? I highly recommend that you bookmark this site. What a great reference!
Free Boat Design Resources
Huge resource! Gavin Atkin has generously listed several of his highly popular designs, in addition to several links to other helpful sites for boat builders and boaters alike.
U.S. Coast Guard
Pretty self-explanatory. Not a lot here in the way of boat building details, but there is a lot of good stuff for marine enthusiasts.
An online magazine for boat builders.
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Lake Finder
Once you finish your craft, you'll need a place to float it, right? This is a very comprehensive guide to Minnesota's lakes, including water quality, advisories and even free maps in some cases.
Minnesota Public Water Access sites
Another DNR site, this is a convenient way to find, well, a way, to get into your nearby lake. Note: metro lakes have their own section on this page!
Setting up Your Work Area
This is a good article from area boat builder Dale Hedtke on setting up your boat building work space.
Family Boat Building Week
Visit this site to learn about Family Boat Building Week in the Twin Cities and elsewhere.
If you've not tried eBay as a buyer or seller, find out what all the fuss is about! From anchors to VHF radios to sails to boats and maritime collectibles, you can find and sell many different things.
Yahoo Groups
Several discussion groups exist around boat building. Share tips, plans, photos and conversation with builders from all over the world--free!
Chuck Holst's Kayak Paddle
This PDF file describes construction of a West Greenland paddle for kayakers.
Quick-N-Dirty Oars
Thanks to David Goodchild for these unique, free plans for inexpensive oars.
There are several publications available on the topic of boat building, and this is one of the most far-reaching networks of book dealers I know of. Enter your search topic, and peruse the selection.
Mother's Take Apart Skiff by Will Shelton
Very unique! Even if you don't build it, check out these plans from the July 2001 issue of Mother Earth News. This boat comes in two!
West System Epoxy
If you work with epoxy, or would like to (common for stitch and glue--sometimes tack and glue building), you will want to check out this site. There is a FREE epoxy manual and a project index.
Duluth Shipping News
Minnesota's proud seaport city has its own news staff for the shipping traffic! Very interesting site for shipping enthusiasts or travelers who want a schedule of incoming and outgoing GIANT ships!
Minnesota Boat Club
I guess this is pretty self explanatory, but this is their Web site.
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
From the people who bring you weather radio, this site offers a great deal in the way of nautical climate data.
Minnehaha Creek Watershed District
Twin Cities canoers and kayakers: Don't miss out on this site! Check creek paddling conditions, or download a FREE map of the waterway. Paddle safe!
Want to paddle, motor, sail, fish or row somewhere exotic (or maybe not so exotic)? Check out this site. I have used a similar service called, and my wife and I saved a lot of money on airfare and lodging. Haven't used this one, but I understand it works a little better, as you can see what deal you are agreeing to purchase. Take a look, and maybe save a few bucks when you travel (safely).

Andrew Meyer
Minneapolis, MN
United States