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The Mediocre Trade or Free Media List

Devices, CDs, tapes, albums, games, books, movies listed below are available for trade or at no cost (lister, please indicate FREE).

Please contact the lister directly.

List will be updated as I am able to get around to it.


Available Media

(Please limit listings to 20 at a time.)

TRADE: CD, Candlebox, self-titled
Contact Andy:

TRADE: CD, Candlebox, "Lucy"
Contact Andy:

TRADE: CD, Prince (1958-1993), "Come"
Contact Andy:

TRADE: CD, No Doubt, "Tragic Kingdom"
Contact Andy:

How to Do This

Contact me to place or remove a listing.
Please remember to contact me ONLY for listing removals or additions.


Please check this area for new instructions or random thoughts. Thanks for participating!